We would love to partner with you to build your clients their dream homes. If you have clients that are ready to start designing their dream homes please complete our Realtor Referral Form so that we can start making their dreams a reality.

Co-Broke Referral Policy

On new home construction for the above client, Jasper Builders will pay the referenced Agent a two (2) percent fee (based on the median Professional Services Agreement price). Payment of fees shall be paid to Agent within 14 days of signed final contract and receipt of client’s full 10% deposit.

Your referral of this client will be protected for ninety (90) days from the above referral date.
In order to avoid any misunderstanding involving agency, you WILL NOT receive a referral fee if the above referenced client or client’s spouse has previously contacted or visited Jasper Builders on their own.
Jasper Builders expects and appreciates your support in building client confidence and trust in Jasper Builders. A Jasper Builders Representative will:

  1. Demonstrate the home.
  2. Quote all prices.
  3. Prepare the Professional Services Agreement and Final Contract.
  4. Follow-up directly with the client (with updates to agent/or broker).
  5. Handle all necessary client contact after contract execution, as it relates to home construction only. Any contract regarding lot closing is the responsibility of the buyer’s agent.