Our Process – Three Phase Power

First, we will meet with you to assess your needs and set a new level of expectations from a full service custom builder. If we both feel the relationship would be mutually beneficial, we will begin our concierge service.

As a client of Jasper, you can expect three phases of the build.



Phase I – Match Making


Designing a home can be overwhelming, however based on your unique needs and lifestyle requirements, we will partner you with one of our hand-picked designers.

These designers have been vetted by Jasper Builders to ensure that your design reflects your style. The three of us will then create a “luxury at the lake” design that will fit your lifestyle while we stay within your desired budget. Your requirements are different, and we make sure your design reflects that.

We believe that it is important to create a home that is unique to you and your lot and is not a copycat of the house down the street. Our hand-picked designer will bring an enormous amount of experience capturing the best and highest use of your property.

Being neighbors with a public utility creates some challenges but we have had great success developing homes while maintaining the requirements imposed by Duke Energy. We work continually with Duke Energy to ensure they stay happy throughout the build process. This relationship safeguards you from costly redesigns, fines and time delays.



Our Secret Sauce


Once you’re design is complete we apply the Secret Sauce. Under our continuous oversight, you (clients) and the Jasper Team will finalize all the

finishes to create a detailed scope, price and schedule that adheres to your budget requirements. A Jasper Concierge will walk you through our 21-step process to select everything from windows to light fixtures.

Our goal is to finalize choices and eliminate the need for allowances all before the first brick is laid. Although this may seem counter-intuitive, by doing these two things, we can guarantee your price and shave large blocks of time off the build.

These efficiencies are directly reflected in your final pricing. Rest comfortably knowing that 90% of your custom build work is done and sleep soundly with the assurance that your dream build won’t morph into a nightmare of cost increases and time delays.



Phase II – The Local Build

In Phase II we will complete the build. You will be assigned a Field Catalyst that will handle all the daily supervision of your build. Your Field Catalyst will take your home

from start to finish. They will have an incredibly intimate connection to your home. They will have no more than two projects requiring their presence and will be within an eight-mile radius should an “emergency” occur. (We eliminate the “emergencies” with our Secret Sauce.)

Although we will only require you to meet on site with us a handful of times, you will always have access. Your site superintendent will post daily logs and photos of the progress to your online portal so that you can watch the build from across town or across the country. You will be able to monitor the progress of your build from the beaches of Belize with a Mai Tai in your hand.



Phase III – Happily, Ever After

The moment we have all been waiting for, presentation of your home. Over the last year you have watched your dreams birthed and come to life. We will meet you at your 100% Complete Home to present it to you. We will share a glass of champagne and truly welcome you to the neighborhood. We will explain the use and care of the home to ensure that generations to follow will enjoy your dream home. In this meeting we will transfer all warranties to you and explain the process for our 90-day follow-up. With your permission, we will even invite some friends and neighbors.